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The STS is an online application for current and former students to view their marks, transcripts, scholarships and send transcripts to post-secondary institutions and employers.  

Through STS, current students in Grade 12 or on the Adult Graduation Program can send up to 25 free transcripts to post-secondary institutions for up to six months after they graduate. After that time, past graduates may access additional copies of their transcripts via this service for a fee of $10 per copy.

Students are also entitled to one free transcript after graduation that can be sent to any address. This transcript is not mailed automatically at the end of the school year but, if desired, must be ordered by the student on STS.

STS can be accessed at From there they can register for a Basic BCeID required to use the StudentTranscripts Service. When signing up for a Basic BCeID, students select their password reset question and answer, which they must remember as they are required if students forget their password. Students must use spacing and punctuation with care when selecting answers as answers are case sensitive and spaces entered between letters or words are not recognized