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Educational Resource Allotment

Online Learning Policy allows for the provision of third party Educational Resource Allotment (ERA) for resources and services up to a maximum of $600.00 per full time student in grades 7-12 who are enrolled by September 30th. Please discuss specific amounts available per grade level with your child's teacher. The BC Ministry of Education's guidelines for Online Learning Schools has strict rules and regulations for the use of these funds.  

The provision of these funds is to assist students in meeting curricular learning outcomes not easily addressed in a home learning model, in particular, Fine Arts and Physical Education. Allocation of funding to third parties must be for a consumable resource, lesson, service or experience required for the student's educational program, as documented in the student learning plan developed by a certified teacher. Please discuss with your child's teacher the detailed process required to access to the Educational Resource Allotment and the required paper work.  Please note the Due Date  for the required paperwork on the ERA forms.

The Educational Resource Allotment can be used for:

  • Services, lessons or experiences: These are services, lessons or experiences required to support the student in meeting the learning outcomes in curricular areas such as Physical Education and Fine Arts. These could include music lessons, a drama program, soccer registration, etc.

  • Consumable resources: These are consumable resources that are required to support the student's educational program. These could include workbooks, art supplies, paper, etc.

Note: All vendors being paid using the ERA funds must provide evidence of a current Criminal Records Check and Proof of General Liability Insurance of not less than $5 Million that names Mission Public Schools as an additional insured. Vendors must be paid directly by Mission Online School. Do not prepay the vendor, we are unable to reimburse you for your payment.

Please contact us for further details regarding resourcing at Mission Online.