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Academic Integrity


Mission Online School
Academic  Integrity Policy 

Please read the following information regarding the Academic Integrity policy for students at MOS

What is Plagiarism or Academic Dishonesty?

1. Submitting work that you have copied from the internet, a friend, or any other source or person.
2. Having someone else complete your work for you.
3. Submitting work that has been significantly edited by a tutor, parent, or any person.
4. Using information from a person or source during a test, unless authorized by the teacher or the course instructions.
5. Providing, or accepting, unauthorized access to restricted course materials (tests, passwords, quizzes, answer keys), without the teacher’s written consent.
6. Submitting the same work for different assignments or courses.

Note: Students are responsible for keeping a record of the resources used when completing assignments/projects. Please be sure to check your specific course, or teacher, for the Citation style that you are required to use.

Potential or escalating consequences of plagiarism or academic dishonesty:​

1. Redoing the assignment/test under teacher supervision at Summit during regular school hours.
2. Receiving a “0” on the assignment/test.
3. Being required to do all future tests and/or major assignments under the supervision of a Mission Online teacher, or a BC-certified teacher.
4. Being withdrawn from the course or receiving a failing grade on the course.
5. Being withdrawn from school.

In all instances of plagiarism or academic dishonesty, a parent/guardian will be notified, in addition to the school administrator. Consequences will be determined at the discretion of the teacher and administrator on a case-by-case basis.

EXAMS Invigilation Guidelines at Mission Online School:

1. Tests need to be supervised by teachers during regular school hours OR via Zoom/ Teams
2. The tests/exams can also be supervised off-site by another BC Certified teacher. This teacher must have an active school district email address, from which they email your teacher for test instructions and passwords.
3. If there is a discrepancy of more than 25% between the supervised tests and other coursework, then a teacher can:
  • Weigh the supervised test more heavily than previous coursework.
  • Require the student to re-do the test and/or previous coursework under the supervision of a Mission Online teacher during regular school hours.
  • Require that all future tests and major assignments be completed under the supervision of a Mission Online teacher during regular school hours.​