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Code of Conduct

District Code of Conduct

The Board of Education expects that all individuals within the school community will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times modeling communication that is respectful, responsible; mindful of individual rights, beliefs, view-points and cultures inherent in a democratic and pluralistic society.

Specifically, the Board of Education expects and encourages the following behavior:

RESPECT - that all individuals show respect for others including respects for their rights, beliefs, ideas and property.

RESPONSIBILITY - that all individuals act responsibly and assume responsibility for their actions.

QUALITY - that all individuals strive for high standards of achievement and behavior.

HONESTY - that all individuals act toward each other in an open and honest manner that stresses truth, justice and fair-play.

ATTITUDES - that all individuals approach their responsibilites with a positive, caring and diligent attitude.

Further, the Board of Education is committed to providing a working and learning environment free from discrimination and harassment in which the individual differences of all employees and students are valued and respected. The Board of Education believes that discrimination and harassment can be prevented through respectful communication. All staff and students share responsibility in maintaining this type of environment. The Board of Education will not condone or tolerate any discrimination or harassment that undermines dignity, self-esteem and respect of any staff member or student. The Board of Education has adopted a set of procedures for dealing with harassment in the workplace and schools.

The Board of Education believes that it is a responsibility of the school district in partnership with the family and community-at-large to modify unacceptable student behavior. In this regard, the Board of Education has adopted a set of standards and guidelines for student conduct and behavior management.